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Lee Batstone

“A cracking project. OFSTED loved the whole notion of Dynamic Studio’s work in school and using it to raise standards in a real context.”

Lee Batstone, Headteacher, Madley Primary School
Putting young creativity to work

Putting young creativity to work

Dynamic Studio is an education initiative developed and supported by Manchester design practice CDA.

Aimed primarily at years 3 to 6, Dynamic Studio offers a unique opportunity to engage, challenge and affirm children’s creativity hand-in-hand with the curriculum.

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Matt Whitehead

“Our whole school benefited from the work Year 6 did with Dynamic Studio.”

Matt Whitehead, Headteacher, Didsbury C of E Primary School
Sharing professional expertise

Sharing professional expertise

Pupils thrive on being challenged and seeing their ideas valued.

Combining young creativity with industry expertise, Dynamic Studio provides an exciting environment where pupils explore important issues and communicate their ideas with authority.

Themed projects allow pupils to produce insightful work that connects with their peers and has a role in the real world.


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Pupil Quotes

“It was a fun week, but challenging.” “We had so many ideas in such a short time.” “I would love to do it all over again.” “Co-operation was important.”

Dynamic Studio pupil comments
Exciting challenges

Exciting challenges

Commissions come from both education and industry.

Schools have embraced Dynamic Studio on projects that profile the positive values practised within a school community.

Industry clients value the insight young people bring to sometimes complex topics.

A broad range of projects has tackled issues as diverse as the Olympics, habitat management, teenage cancer, orthopaedic surgery, local heroes, sustainability and more.


Susan Boardman

“The pupils were really inspired. The project had a real purpose and they learnt new skills along the way, gaining in their own confidence.”

Susan Boardman, Year 5 teacher, Shevington Vale Primary School
process and product

Process and product

Respect, encouragement and determination are values that epitomise each project.  Pupils learn to embrace their creativity and trust those they work and share with.

Such a safe yet challenging environment produces websites, newspapers, themed drama, videos, campaign adverts, restaurant leaflets, bannerstands, storybooks and even geocache treasures.

In addition to schools, Dynamic Studio has attracted commissions from clients such as National Trust, Teenage Cancer Trust and the John Charnley Trust. Funding has also come from Creative Partnerships and Aimhigher.

We also offer Creativity Days, Transition Workshops and values-centred Staff Workshops.


Some project tasters…





School: Didsbury CE Primary School

Client: School Governors

Year 6 pupils worked in six teams to create content for a dynamic website based on school values.

The teams agreed the website name and slogan, contributing graphics for navigation icons.

The site comprises short posts that include stories, poems, quotations, reviews, interviews, drawings, portraits, photos, videos and audios.

Visit values4you

Creative Specialist: Author and illustrator


“Amazing Year 6! You have really worked hard and developed lots of values in the creation of this inspiring website. Well Done!”

Maurina Khan, parent


It’s cool to be warm

It’s cool to be warm

School: Dame Catherine Harpur’s School, Ticknall, Derbyshire

Client: National Trust

KS 2 pupils were commissioned by the Trust to promote the use of sustainable energy at nearby property Calke Abbey.

They also highlighted the difference between the living standards of today and the property’s heyday over 100 years ago.

The creative teams produced posters, bannerstands and restaurant leaflets, along with a storybook for use in the Education Department.

Creative Specialists: Illustrator and photographer


The team were at the top of their game throughout the week. Success all round!”

Margaret Whyte, Headteacher, Dame Catherine Harpur’s School


John Charnley Timeline

The John Charnley Timeline

School: Bury Grammar School Girls, Bury

Client: John Charnley Trust

Year 6 pupils worked in six creative teams, each developing a drama based on key elements of the life of pioneering orthopaedic surgeon, John Charnley.

The dramas were premiered at an international conference marking the 50th anniversary of Charnley’s first total hip replacement.

Visit johncharnleyiship.org

Creative Specialist: Screenwriter

“The project is a superb way to introduce a new generation to the international importance of John Charnley’s work in surgery.”

Chris Faux, Chairman, John Charnley Trust


Larry’s True Identity

Larry’s True Identity

School: Madley Primary School, Herefordshire

Client: School Board of Governors

Year 5 pupils were commissioned to write and illustrate a book that demonstrated the school’s values.

The story is about Larry, who doesn’t feel he knows who he really is. “One day, with only his values to guide him, Larry starts on an amazing adventure as he decides to look for his identity.”

The storyline, character development and pen name were agreed by the whole class. Pupils then worked in five teams, each responsible for one chapter.

A short run of the 40 page illustrated colour books was published.

The project was funded by Creative Partnerships.

Read Larry’s True Identity
Discover more adventures at Great Little Stories

Creative Specialist: Illustrator


“A great partnership that made a huge impact on children’s positive attitude to learning. They were engaged and challenged throughout.”

Adrian Higgins, Creative Partnerships
Teenage Cancer Trust


Get it sorted

Get it sorted

School: Manchester Creative & Media Academy, Moston

Client: Teenage Cancer Trust

Working in partnership with the Ideas Foundation, the project was funded by The Media Trust.

Following a visit to The Christie’s teenage cancer unit in south Manchester, five Year 9 pupils developed a series of adverts to raise awareness about teenage cancer.

The adverts were premiered on the big screen in Manchester’s Exchange Square. They have appeared on The Community Channel and can also be seen on the school’s pupil website and jimmyteens.tv


“The adverts are fantastic and it is lovely to see the boys engaging so well!”

Dr Kate Vaughan, Teenage Cancer Trust

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